The Noble County Health Department (NCHD) has been in existence since 1920, and while there have been many changes in public health since then, the mission remains the same: To provide quality services that promote wellness, prevent disease and plan a healthy future for our community.” As an Ohio political subdivision, we serve over 14,645 Noble County residents and tenfold that number in our multi-county programs, the largest of which reaches 19 counties in Southeastern Ohio.

 These comprehensive programs require determined fiscal, human, leadership and management resources. The staff at of the NCHD have extensive grant experience, a continued capacity to adapt to change and an expertise in program implementation. In summary, the NCHD has a proven history and a passion to effectively partner, manage and implement the public health programs that will benefit our citizens now and into the future.

Noble County
Health Department Directors

Shawn E. Ray, RS, MPH – Health Commissioner

Shari Rayner, RN, BSN – Director of Nursing

Kirby Moore, RS – Director of Environmental Health

Noble County
Board of Health Members

Linda VanFleet - President

R. Alan Spencer, D.O. – Vice President

Teresa Stewart

Nancy Snook

Michelle Carter

The vision of the Department Directors, Board of Health Members and all the staff of the NCHD is “To have a thriving community where residents achieve optimal health.” The word RESPECT serves as the reminder of the seven qualities required and utilized to work toward this vision every day.


Whereas the:

R Reliable, Dedicating ourselves to consistent and compassionate care

EExcellent, Committing to high quality service

S – Service Minded, Willing to adapt to changes and find innovative solutions

P – Professional, Demonstrating caring attitudes by highly-skilled employees

E – Ethical, Conducting business with integrity and accountability

C – Collaborative, Enhancing relationships with our community partners

T – Taking care of our own, Ensuring services are available in, for and by our community

After Hours Emergency Protocol

The Noble County Health Department has an after-hours emergency answering service system.  This system gives the caller a prompt in the case of a public health emergency to leave a message in a specified mailbox. Any message left in this voice mailbox will cause the system to contact the Nurse on call, who within the required time-frame shall call in to retrieve the message and follow up as required based on the situation protocol. All calls received after normal working hours that are determined to be a public health emergency will be relayed to the Health Commissioner or Medical Director.  The phone number of the answering service system is the same as the health department and is available 24 hours a day at 740-732-4958.

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