Responsible Social Values

Responsible Social Values

Responsible Social Values Program (RSVP)

Students in sixth, seventh, and 8th grades participate in five-day RSVP sessions where they learn how positive character qualities (respect, responsibility, self-control, honesty and courage) help them to avoid risk behaviors and build healthy relationships.


Program Overview:

Sixth Grade

Students learn character and friendship qualities, delayed gratification, resistance skills.

Seventh Grade

Students learn how to recognize the characteristics of healthy relationships, future dating standards including dating violence prevention, goal setting and the benefits of avoiding unhealthy behaviors.

Eighth Grade

Students learn the responsibilities of parenting, how to set and keep physical boundaries and decision-making skills.


RSVParent Meetings and parent/guardian child homework at each grade level help stimulate communication.

Medical Accuracy – medical information contained in programs is supported by cited research that is supported by the weight of research from peer-reviewed journals, leading professional organizations with experts in the field.




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