Public Health Nuisances

The Noble County Health Department’s Environmental Health Division investigates public health nuisance complaints under authority of Ohio Revised Code 3707.01.  Public health nuisances are nuisance conditions that result in environmental contamination such as sewage discharging onto the ground or into water such as wells, aquifers, ditches, streams, rivers, or lakes. 

Public health nuisances can also be illegal dumping or burning of wastes such as open dumping or open burning of trash, solid wastes, construction, demolition debris, or scrap tires.   In many cases, a public health nuisance can pose a risk to the public’s health by providing harborage conditions for pests such as rodents, mosquitos, or other vectors that can spread disease.  Public health nuisance can also be a source of environmental pollution of water or air, which also can pose a risk to the public’s health.

The Environmental Health Division accepts public health nuisance complaints in writing and investigates complaints to help reduce public health nuisances from occurring in Noble County.

Upon investigation by the health district, if public health nuisance conditions are observed by health district staff, abatement orders are sent to the property owner or person(s) responsible for the public health nuisance conditions.  For property owners that fail to comply with health district orders to correct (Abatement Orders) within the issued timeframe for abatement, the Noble County Board of Health can order that the public health nuisance be abated and pursue legal action against the person(s) responsible.  In some cases, failure to comply can result in fees, court penalties, or property cleanup expenses that are all at the expense of the proper owner or person responsible for creating the public health nuisance.

If you are wanting to file a public health nuisance complaint, please complete the following complaint form and return to our office by regular mail, fax, or email.

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