Emergency Response Plan

Emergency Response Plan

The Noble County Health Department Emergency Response Plan (ERP) outlines the functions and strategies the department will implement prior to, during or immediately following a public health emergency affecting Noble County Ohio. The plan is constructed of one overarching Basic Plan with 15 capability specific appendices. These plans and appendices are continuously reviewed, tested and updated to ensure they meet the ever changing threats facing our community. The links below contain the Emergency response plans as they are currently constituted:

Emergency Response Plan – Basic Plan

          Annex A-Emergency Operations Coordination

          Annex A1-Continuity of Operations/ Business Resumption (COOP)

          Annex B-Information Sharing Tactical Communications

          Annex B1-Emergency Public Information and Warning

          Annex C- Non-Pharmaceutical Interventions

          Annex C2-Ebola and Other Special Pathogens

          Annex D-Responder Safety and Health

          Annex E-Environmental Surety

          Annex F-Resource Management

          Annex G-Fatality Management

          Annex H-Medical Materiel Management and Distribution

          Annex H1-Medical Countermeasure Dispensing

          Annex I-Training and Exercise Plan

          Hazard and Vulnerability Analysis