Vision & Hearing

Vision & Hearing

Vision and Hearing Screenings

A vision and hearing screening is an important part of an annual physical exam.

Vision Screening

A vision screening is a set of simple vision tests and assessments that help identify people who may have certain eye problems.

According to the National Commission on Prevention Priorities, vision screening is one of the 25 preventive health services that offers the greatest potential for preventing future disease as well as for improving quality of life. 

Vision Screening is offered at the Noble County Health Department. We provide referrals for further testing if needed. We are a Prevent Blindness Ohio (PBO) Partner which allows NCHD to apply for a certificate for a free vision exam and/or glasses for those who qualify.

Prevent Blindness Ohio is dedicated to addressing the challenge to prevent blindness and preserve sight through wise investment of community support. Prevent Blindness has served more than 800,000 Ohioans this year through outreach and education designed to connect those in need to critical sight-saving resources.

Hearing Screening

A hearing screening is a test to tell if people might have hearing loss. Hearing screening is easy and not painful. This service is available at NCHD.


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