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Help Me Grow provides the following services to

Noble and Monroe Counties:

Developmental information and support to all prenatal parents and parents of infants and young children. The goal of the program is to help parents give their child the best possible start in life.

If you are pregnant, or have a child under the age of three years, you may be eligible for Help Me Grow services. To see if you are eligible please call the number above.

Are Your Pregnant Are you pregnant?

Help Me Grow offers home visits to provide information and support to expectant parents. You will receive a visit right in the comfort of your own home. A qualified home visitor will talk with you about topics pertaining to your pregnancy. You will be provided with educational handouts describing the three trimesters and activities on ways to comfort yourself during your pregnancy. If you are interested in prenatal services please call the number above.

Do you have a toddler Do you have a newborn?

Help Me Grow will offer you a one time Welcome Home visit within the first six weeks of delivery. A registered nurse will assess the mother and baby’s health and answer any questions the parents may have. If you would like to receive a newborn home visit and have not been contacted by Help Me Grow please call the number above.

Do you have a toddler Do you have a baby or toddler?

Help Me Grow will provide you with personal visits. During the home visit the parent educator will share with you information on child development and provide you with a developmental activity for you and your child to do together. To see if you are eligible for Help Me Grow services please call the number above.

Screenings for your child:

Help Me Grow will provide screenings for you to see where your child’s progress fits with developmental milestones within their age range. Hearing, vision, and nutrition screenings are also provided.


Special Needs and Services, Early Intervention:

Sometimes young children need extra help because of a premature birth, health problem, or a concern in seeing, hearing, talking, thinking, playing and moving. If concerns are identified that may affect future learning, Help Me Grow can refer you to other resources that will help your child’s needs.

Family Support Specialists:

Family Support Specialist provides parent to parent support to families who have children ages birth to three. Family Support can provide you with support through phone calls, home visits, parent support groups and playgroups.

Immunization Schedule Immunization Schedule

Parents are their child's first teachers Babies are born to learn and parents are their child’s first and most important teacher!