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Influenza (Flu) Vaccine Clinic

  • Influenza season is fast approaching. It occurs from October to March, with the peak in January and February. Every year, the “flu shot” is prepared with the types of influenza strains that are expected to hit the United States.   Anyone can get the flu, but the rates are highest among children. For most people it lasts only a few days. It can cause:   *fever           *sore throat             *chills               *fatigue            *cough * headache    *muscle aches   Those at highest risk should get an annual flu shot. Those include,   *Children 6 months to 5 years of age *Anyone 50 years of age and older. *Women who will be pregnant during the flu season. *Anyone with long-term health problems   
  • The Noble County Health Department will begin our flu shot clinics in October
  • Please check this site and the Journal Leader for dates and times.
  • COSTS:    Flu Shot            $20
                   Pneumonia Shot  $30
                   PSA                    $26
    If you have Medicare or Medicaid that will pay for your services, PLEASE BRING YOUR CARD WITH YOU!!